I always said growing up that I would have a clean, organized, and well-styled home. I was the little girl who would beg my parents to let me rearrange my room every couple of weeks because I would get bored with the layout and want to freshen it up.  I was also the little girl who would go around the house, vacuuming, organizing, and cleaning up after my four siblings (no joke my brother once paid me $20 to clean his room – and I did it).  

And as an adult, few things bring me more joy than decorating, organizing and making our house a home. I love designing the look and feel of each room.   All of the small details – the pictures, artwork, books, etc. all subtly share who you are as a person and as a family. To me, each space in our home tells our story and I love watching that story come to life. 


Just as my sense of style and love for fashion has evolved, so has my decorating style.  This stage of my life I love classic and coastal. I love a calming, timeless color palette of blue and white.  But I equally love bold geometric, fun prints. I like nautical and Americana details, but I also like florals and bright colors.  Bringing all of these different styles together is a fun process and one that brings me so much joy. 


Making a house a home doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens through years of hard work, patience, and living in your space.  That has been a hard concept for me to accept because I am part of the generation that wants things now.  But I’ve come to appreciate the journey and I love looking back on old photos to see the progress of how far we have come.  

I hope that sharing our home with you will spark some ideas and be relatable.  Far too often we compare our lives to the likes of Instagram or Pinterest. But really that’s not real life.  Real homes are lived in, homey, and tell your story.  

So, thank you for following along on our journey.  I hope that you feel welcome and happy taking a peek into our beloved space.