IMG_6726Hey there! I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon A Dash of Solt – my creative outlet for all things home décor, fashion, and travel.

From a young age I’ve been very passionate about playing dress-up and rearranging furniture/home décor pieces.   It was not unheard of to see me frolicking around my neighborhood wearing Little House on the Prairie costumes or rearranging all the furniture in my bedroom (I called this “playing house”).

This passion for playing dress-up and “playing house” led me on quite the adventure!  After graduating from Miami University in Oxford (hubby and I are Miami Mergers!) I traveled down to Savannah Georgia for fashion design school and then landed fashion internships in NYC.   The desire for a simpler life in Ohio brought me back home, where I now do communications, graphic design, social media, and marketing for a local non-profit.

Although I love my day job, I needed another outlet for my fashion and home décor passions.  So in July 2017, I finally launched A Dash of Solt.  It’s been a wonderful platform to share my style inspiration, home reno projects, and travel adventures with my hubby (Scotland is my spirit country!!).

A Dash of Solt is based in Ohio.  However, I am drawn to (okay obsessed) with the New England lifestyle.  The charming old Americana towns, boats sailing along the rugged coast, the iconic lighthouses, the preppy fashion – I love it all.  You will start noticing that much of the inspiration for my style of dress, travel destinations, and home décor purchases are taken from this iconic way of life.

So there you have it!  A brief glimpse into my life and the inspiration behind this blog.  I hope you enjoy A Dash of Solt as much I as I enjoy creating it!

THANK YOU so much for your interest and support! I hope you’ll grab some wine or a cup of coffee and stay awhile!


Shannon [and Rob]


Disclaimer: This blog is a personal blog written by me.  All pictures, design elements, and posts are created by me unless noted otherwise.  A Dash of Solt accepts paid partnerships in the form of cash advertising, sponsorships, paid insertions, or other forms of compensation.   All sponsored posts will be clearly identified.  All opinions are my own.