Happy Fall!

The Solt household loves this time of year!  Crisp air, cozy sweaters, Buckeye football, red wine, plaid and flannel, booties, all things pumpkin…what’s not to love?!  Plus, I have an excuse to change up the home décor a bit! [That’s what I don’t love]

I have not accumulated a whole lot of fall décor yet.  The past two years I’ve just bought fresh pumpkins and gourds from the local grocery store and displayed them around.  I have some beautiful glass pumpkins from Pier 1 my mom got us for our wedding, but other than that, I haven’t invested in many pieces. [We may differ on the definition of “many”]

This year I decided to finally invest in some fun pieces that will fit in nicely with our décor.  I found some awesome white, blue, and gold themed pumpkins and signs at Target (gotta love the $3 bin!) and Hobby Lobby that match perfectly with our current décor.

IMG_9754IMG_9802 (1)IMG_9817IMG_9756_nobra

I started with the dining room, which is definitely my new favorite room.  I’m so happy with how everything is coming together in this room.  The last items on our list to complete this room are art pieces and a rug.  We are taking our time and being really intentional about picking out the art because these are investment pieces and we want to love them!


My goal for decorating this room for fall was for it to be simple and fun. [And here I thought she was going for a glittering pumpkin patch] I didn’t want anything too fussy or over the top since it’s such an elegant space.  The white and blue glass pumpkins are perfect against the gold table runner.


So there you have it! I’ve linked the different pumpkins below so you can shop them! Happy decorating! [Pumpkins on a boat? Really?]


Shannon [and Rob]

Blue pumpkins | White Pumpkins | White and Gold Pumpkins (similar) | Gold/Orange-ish Pumpkin
Also, my top is from Loft! 

6 thoughts on “COASTING INTO FALL

  1. So perfect for Fall. You make me want to go find my own Fall items! It looks like you were born to do this. Some lucky people just have an eye for design. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them! However, I certainly enjoy looking at places of people who do have a talent.

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