I’ve had several questions about where we find all of our nautical/costal décor. [Usually right after I get home and spot something “new” and know she has been nauti.]  Right now the coastal theme is pretty trendy, so chances are any home décor store you walk into will have some nautical themed pieces.  But if you are like me and find coastal décor not to be a trend, but a classic style, then I’ve got you covered!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite places to shop for unique coastal items.

  1. Antique Stores (For unique and authentic pieces) – You can find some gems in antique stores or at flea markets!  I found the rustic sailboat at a local boutique store near my work.  I had been eyeing it for about a week and decided I had to go in and check it out.  I’m so glad I did because I absolutely fell in love with it and it’s now my favorite décor piece. {No joke.  She carried it around from room to room the first day she brought it home, and it almost took my spot in the bed.}

    My new favorite decor piece!
  2. Pier 1 (For trendy pieces) Every summer Pier 1 comes out the best coastal décor pieces for your home. You can find the cutest coastal themed (think lobsters, crabs, and anchors!) pillows, candles, dining and entertaining pieces, paintings – you name it! And, since it’s the end of season, you can find a lot of items on clearance!
    How  cute is this pillow from Pier 1?!  And it’s on clearance! I’ve linked the pic so you can shop it today. [A lobster wearing shorts? Now I have seen everything]
  3. Hobby Lobby (For rustic pieces) If you want rustic looking nautical items, Hobby Lobby is your place to go! I have to physically and mentally force myself not to go into this store.  I get easily sucked in by all the cute mermaid, sailboats, and paintings!

    This cute watercolor print would look cute in a nursery or bathroom! Plus, you can pick and choose between different aquatic images.
  4. Esty (For one-of-kind pieces) You can find super cute pillows, watercolor prints, maps, and even some vintage pieces that are nautical inspired on Etsy.
  5. Minted (For artsy pieces) If you wanted to do a coastal themed gallery wall, Minted is your online place to shop! It’s super easy to do a quick search for art prints.  I like Minted a lot because it’s kind of like Pinterest in the sense that you can save the prints you like and come back to them later if you aren’t ready to buy yet.
I’m obsessed with this art print from Minted! It reminds me of a simpler life.

I always like to look for pieces while traveling because I find those to be the best and most meaningful.  We have vases from our honeymoon in St. Lucia and our trip to Mexico.  A lot of my artwork is from Scotland (I’m obsessed with a local boutique, called Top Drawer, in St. Andrews that sells the cutest nautical inspired ceramic tiles).  Whenever we go somewhere coastal on vacation I always print off a few of our favorite pictures and frame them – this is a super easy and inexpensive way to add some coastal flair to your home.

You guys can see how much I love decorating with coastal items.  However, I like to keep my rooms sophisticated (and less like a museum) by bringing in different design elements.  If I have a really cool piece (like my ship!) then I’m going to balance it with maybe a geometric vase, a rustic clock (like in the above pic), or a cool coffee table book.

So there you have it!  These are just a few of the many places you can shop for coastal décor.  Hopefully you are feeling inspired to add a little nautical flair to your home and know where to start looking for fun pieces.  Happy shopping!


Shannon {and Rob}



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