Welcome to the first room of our home tour – the family room!  The family room is my favorite room so far (the dining room is coming close to being first!) and probably the most decorated room in the house. [Mine is the bar in the basement if anyone is interested].

When we moved into this house, the color of this room was dark brown.  No thank you!! And we only have a set of sliding doors for light, so I knew the dark brown would have to go.  We found a pretty gray/blue paint that totally brightened the room up (I loved the color so much I used it in our master bedroom!).


I already knew that I wanted this room to be shades of gray, blue, and pink.  The L-shaped gray couch is a new addition to our home and was the blank slate I needed to envision the room coming together. The blue pillows and super cute monogram pillows (a wedding gift from Pottery Barn) were the perfect starting point.  Someday I want to exchange the blue pillows for navy, but for now, they work!  I knew I wanted bright pink pillows and I found these adorable ones from Lulu and Georgia. [Fun fact, in our house pillows are meant to be seen, not used, which is very confusing for me.]


Eventually I would like to replace the coffee table with a square white one and also paint the dark brown one white.  The cute white end table with the blue ceramic tiles is from a local pottery boutique, Jan Pugh, and was a wedding gift from Rob’s parents.  To tie everything together we found a gray and white shaggy rug from Wayfair (now Gryff’s favorite place to lounge).


One of my favorite details about this room is the fireplace!  I LOVE the exposed brick with the distressed white on the mantle.  It’s definitely the focal point of the room.  I knew I needed some statement pieces to display.  Luckily, I already had most of the details!  The floral arrangement I made from various faux stems I found at Target a few years ago.  The chevron monogram “S” is from our wedding reception and the lanterns were a gift from Rob’s grandma – perfect blend of rustic, preppy, and coastal!


My two other favorite details about this room are the blanket ladder that Rob’s sister made me for my birthday (I literally cried when I saw it because I loved it so much!) and the bookshelf [I was very confused that she was so excited about a ladder, I mean it’s not even an extension ladder].  The bookshelf we found in Rob’s parents basement and although my initial instinct was to paint it white, I’ve decided to keep it brown since it is so rustic looking (ties in well with the rustic look of the fireplace).   I’ve had SO much fun styling it.  All of the pretty details are gifts from family and friends or items that we picked up in our travels.  Every time I pass by it I smile because it makes me so happy. [I especially like the tastefully nude statute that my beautiful wife modeled for. Just kidding.]


There you have it!  I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of our coastal, rustic, preppy family room!



Shannon [and Rob]





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