A year and a half.  That’s how long we spent looking for a square coffee table for our family room.   We spent months scouring Wayfair, Overstock, Pier 1, Pottery Barn, etc. looking for a solid wood square coffee table that was white.  [Not to mention dragging her husband to dozens of stores.] This past fall we finally found one at Pier 1 that were were interested in but THREE times they shipped it to us broken.

After the third broken table (it wasn’t even real wood!) I remember seeing on social media a few months back that a friend from high school had a woodworking business in Toledo.   We decided to reach out and see if Mike at Wood Appeal Furnishing could build us a custom table.  To our utter excitement, he agreed!


We are just beyond thrilled with how the table turned out.  We sent Mike two different ideas of what we wanted and he was able to combine all the design elements into one.  It’s the perfect amount of coastal, but also simple and elegant.   The red oak stain on the shiplap inspired top is just beautiful.   It’s amazing how much the white base brightens up the room.   Plus, we were able to customize the size to exactly what we wanted and what fit for the room.


I already had an idea of how I wanted to style it but I was pleasantly surprised as it all came together.  Every coffee table needs to have personal items (all the books and gorgeous blue bowl from Rob’s sister), some height, some greenery, and a nice tray to keep things organized.   I have a hard time focusing on watching my favorite shows now because my eyes just love everything about the coffee table.


If you are looking for quality craftsmanship and stunning design, we highly recommend contacting Wood Appeal Furnishing (you can also follow him on Instagram!) and working with Mike!  The turnaround time was amazing and he was so easy to work with.  We’ve even talked about having him build us some matching end tables (everything has to flow am I right?).


We hope you like this table as much as we do! It really has transformed our family room and we love showing it off to our family and friends (and of course our blog readers!).

As always, thanks for following along with us as we navigate this exciting time in our lives!


Shannon [and Rob]




Decorating the tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! Growing up, it was tradition to decorate the tree on Thanksgiving morning while watching the Macy’s Day Parade.  Rob and I have our own tradition now of setting it up the day after Thanksgiving (aka in between shopping for Black Friday). [It’s the lesser of two evils: shopping or decorating]


The last two years I chose a silver and gold theme for the tree.  Although I still love this classy combo, I decided to switch it up this year.  I didn’t want the traditional red and green theme because we really don’t have any red and green in our house!  We tend to use shades of blue, gray, and white so it only made sense to make the Christmas tree that color scheme as well.


I spent a lot of time on Pinterest searching for inspiration for “coastal Christmas.”  I was overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas so this year I pretty much stuck to one room (I plan on adding pieces each year so that eventually the entire house will be coastal Christmas themed). [Yay! Can’t wait]


The white and silver flowers I already had from our silver and gold themed decor.  I went out and bought those nautical inspired stars from Pier 1 and they were the perfect addition!  Last year I used gold ribbon for the garland but this year I knew I wanted nautical rope, which I ended finding at Michaels.  I found a giant package of the blue ornaments from Hobby Lobby and that made a huge difference in brightening up the tree!  And of course, I’ve slowly been collecting nautical ornaments over the past few years and that made everything come together (p.s. how cute is that sailboat ornament?!).


As you can see I had a helper this year!  Gryff loves to play a game called eating the ornaments at the bottom (you’ll notice we don’t put ornaments on the lowest branches).   All in all though I’m quite happy with the tree this year.  I spent over a week perfecting everything so it does look a little different than the pictures above (aka the right side of the tree by the fireplace have way more ornaments now).


While we are talking Christmas decor, I thought I’d share a few other details of our decorating.  Every year for St. Nick’s Day, St. Nick (aka my mom) gifts us a Jim Shore Angel.  I have been collecting them for years and have about 14 of them now!  This year I split them between the fireplace in the family room and above the piano in the living room.  I love how each one is different and has such beautiful details.


And I can’t end this post without talking about our personalized stockings!  Rob’s parents gifted us these when we got engaged (four years ago this Christmas!) and we both adore them.  My stocking is a lighthouse [who’s surprised?!] and Rob’s is a Christmas train.  {Chooo Chooo!] They are the perfect touch to our Christmas decorating.


We hope you are enjoying this joyful holiday season!  From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Shannon [and Rob]


It’s getting to be that time of year again!  Many of you have probably already started your holiday shopping.  I started lists back in September but really need to get buying for the peeps in my life!

When thinking of gift idea for our families, Rob and I like to be really intentional and thoughtful.  We try and shop local if we can, but many times Amazon wins for it’s fast shipping and convenience.  Nevertheless, we spend a lot of time planning and thinking about gifts for each person in our life. [Fun Fact, Shannon spends more time creating lists for gifts for herself then everyone else combined].

Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas for family and friends this year (many are local to Northwest Ohio!). Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your holiday shopping!

  1. Michelle Brunner Art – If you follow my Instagram, you will have seen a few posts and Instagram stories about my love for Michelle’s art!  Michelle is a local Northwest Ohio artist and she paints the most beautiful watercolor paintings of Lake Erie and the surrounding landscape.
    MA Art
    How cute are these paintings?! My mom picked out three for my sister’s room and they look so good!

    You HAVE to check out her Instagram and website.  Her paintings are so bright and colorful and full of nautical details.  I want to purchase some of her work for my dining room but I can’t decide which painting I want since I want them all!  Her art is the perfect gift for the person who loves art, shopping local, and the nautical life.

  2. Essential Oils from Young Living – Over the past few months I’ve become quite interested in essential oils.  Not only do they smell delightful, but they are amazing at curing tons of ailments.  I’m a very anxious person by nature so the lavender infused “Stress Away” oil is essential for my daily life.
    I always have these two essential oils on me at all times (one for helping with anxiety and one for stomach aches)

    In general though, essential oils are wonderful for fighting cold and flu symptoms, alleviating pain, healing skin conditions, balancing hormones, improving digestion, eliminating toxins, the list goes on and on. [Legal disclaimer, talk to your doctor before curing cancer with lemongrass and ginger oil]. Gifting someone in your life who is interested in lovely scents and using natural products, essential oils are a great gift.  I personally only use the Young Living brand because of their high standard practices and packages.  My friend Hannah sells Young Living Essential Oils and she has some fantastic information on her Instagram page.  Be sure to check it out!

  3. Packer Creek Pottery  – Unique pottery is such a fun gift idea for any occasion!  I love finding pottery on our travels (we have vases from St. Lucia and Mexico and mugs from Scotland).  But when I can’t jet off somewhere exotic to find some unique pottery, I turn to a local pottery shop.  Packer Creek Pottery sells super bright, colorful pottery.  All the pieces are painted a fun pattern, which makes it easy to buy for people (I have a ton of pieces from their blue and white and nautical line – who’s surprised?).  The variety of pieces in which you can choose from is endless – vases, platters, bowls, tables, mugs, etc.  This is definitely a great idea for anyone who loves pottery, shopping local, and fun prints! IMG_1037
  4.  Maumee Bay Brewing Company Craft Beer – This is for the craft beer lovers in your life! Established in 1995, Maumee Bay Brewing Company operates out of the Historic Oliver House in Downtown Toledo.  They create delightful ales, lagers, porters, and stouts.  Not only do they brew several different types of brews, but they also have several restaurants throughout the Toledo area. [Mmmmm, now you have my attention…maybe Santa will get me a six pack this year].
  5.  Books – I know this is general, but books are always a good idea.  Both Rob and I are passionate readers.  Growing up, books were always a topic of conversation in both our families.  Every time my siblings and I would visit our grandma, she would ask us, “Now, what book are you reading now?”  I had to be reading something to be able to answer her and not disappoint her!  And now as adults, Rob and I make a point to read a little bit each day.  That being said, we have tons of recommendations across all the genres and we love to share the books we love with others. [Shannon and I are team “physical book” as opposed to Kindle or whatever the kids are using these days. In my humble opinion there is nothing that compares to the feel of a book in your hands and even the smell of a first read novel].    Whether it’s nonfiction, fiction, fantasy, DIY, or a coffee table book, books are the perfect gift for the holidays!

    One of my favorite books right now is Domino’s Guide to a Stylish Home! 

Although many of these items are local to Northwest Ohio, they are easily shopable online and make for great gifts.  We hope this short list sparked some creative ideas for the loved ones in your life!  Happy Holiday Shopping!


Shannon [and Rob]


As much as I’m sad to say goodbye to summer, I think I’m ready to embrace fall.  I’m excited for bright colors, leaves changing, crisp fall air, pumpkin lattes, booties, scarves, and plaid [And FOOTBALL].  What I’m most excited for though are all the new fashion and home décor details trending for fall.  Below I’ve rounded up my favorite home décor trends for this fall.

  1. Deep Rich Colors – Hello color!  The white and gray color scheme for interiors is on its way out and decorators and interior designers are embracing color.  Dark colors like forest green, plum purple, navy, black, and chocolate brown are making a dramatic entrance.   I’m not a fan of the black and brown, but I will enjoy me some navy (hello new dining room!).  Don’t be afraid to use color – it tells a story of who you are and defines the mood of your home. [Now I have to keep track of the Houses mood too!? The things they don’t tell you about marriage.]  

    Loving Navy Peony and Ballet Slipper!
  2. Interesting Bedding – The past couple of years has seen a trend with white, fluffy bedding.  This fall, designers are loving bedding with fun patterns, funky monograms, bright colors, and texture.  We may be transitioning into a King size bed this fall [Oh that’s happening] so you better believe I’ll be on the lookout for some fun new bedding (probably similar to what we have now, which is a navy blue and white diamond pattern).
  3. Faux Finishes – If you are like us, much of our decorating is done on a budget.  The faux finish trend is the perfect way to get what you want for cheap.  Removable wallpaper, decals, stick on tiles, faux wood floors, and faux florals are all the rage this season.   I’m thinking we add in some stick on subway tile to the kitchen…[I love how I learn about this from a blog]

    Love the subway tile and the dark navy cabinets! So classy!
  4. Mix and Match Furniture Sets – This trend is probably my favorite.  I like my furniture to be cohesive but not necessarily match.  This will be perfect for us moving forward since so many of our furniture pieces are hand me downs.  I’m going to have fun updating them in a funky, unique way.

    I pinned this from Pinterest and love how the furniture is cohesive and sets the mood but isn’t matchy-matchy!
  5. Blush – I’m so happy the color blush is a major trend for this fall.  Blush and gray were our wedding colors so I’ll always have a special place for them.  Blush is such a sophisticated, pretty color that can be used as a neutral or a pop of color.  You can use this color in a variety ways – painted cabinets, pillows, planters, glassware, blankets, etc.

    Painting an interior door blush is an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to add this trend to your home!

If you want to see more of the trends for this fall, head over to Country Living Magazine, Pinterest, HGTV, Domino, or Apartment Therapy!

As always, thanks for stopping by and hearing about our adventures!


Shannon [and Rob]


Our friends refer to our home as the “Solt Spa.”  I’m pretty sure it’s because of our hot tub and private guest suite.  (We have two full bathrooms in this house and the one downstairs just happens to connect to the hallway and our guest room.)

This is going to sound crazy, but this room is actually one of my favorites! [Probably because I have claimed the upstairs bathroom] I love the decor in this bathroom (way better than the master).  The room was already painted this lovely blue so we didn’t have to do any updates and it was pretty clear I was going to use shades of blue for this bathroom .  We brought the striped navy and white shower curtain (from Target) from our old house and it’s pairs perfectly.


The best part of this bathroom is the over sized octopus art piece.  I’m.Obsessed.  My sister and brother-in-law gifted us this for our wedding and it’s seriously one of my favorite pieces in our entire house.  It’s the perfect statement piece. [It also resembles my lovely wife anytime she goes shopping]


It was so easy to find decor for this room.  The sailboat ceramic painting below is from both my mom and my favorite shop in Scotland (Top Drawer).  I have three of these pieces and loooove them.  The navy and white monogrammed hand towels are from Pottery Barn.  They were a wedding gift and anything with monograms is an instant favorite for me. [She is not kidding, I’m pretty sure she has monogrammed Kleenex]


The super cute gold pineapple behind the equally cute soap dispenser was made by good friend, Melissa.  She is insanely talented and made me all my art prints in my office!

I love adding some floral and greenery pieces to bathrooms.  Unfortunately this bathroom doesn’t have any windows so I opted for this fake orchid from Target.  I actually really love Target floral arrangements.  They are good quality and look more real than what you would find at a craft store (Pier 1 and Magnolia also have awesome fake floral pieces).


One of my favorite artists is Claude Monet.  I found the print below in an old book and had to frame it in the bathroom.  I found a rustic white frame that really makes the colors pop.  The image goes so well with the coastal theme happening in this bathroom (and everywhere else in the house).


And that’s all!  I hope you enjoyed the quick tour our downstairs bathroom.


Shannon {and Rob}


IMG_8136One of my favorite things that has come out of home ownership has been all the hobbies I’ve discovered!  Not only do I love decorating the house and brainstorming new projects, but I’ve come to enjoy (some) yard work. [What she means is that she enjoys watching her husband slave away while sipping wine and eating bon-bons on the deck]   I’ve always enjoyed mowing the lawn, [three times in the last year by my count] but this past year I have found how much I like beautifying our curb appeal!

Unfortunately there was not much upkeep from the previous owners of our home and over the years the yard has grown into quite the jungle.   Last fall Hubby worked really hard to tear out ivy in the front lawn and plant grass seed (it looks amazing!). [I am pretty sure that I doubled the size of the front lawn.  This spring I tore out some mangy looking barberry shrubs in the front garden box and planted a few boxwood, azaleas and a presidential lilac tree.  I then added some additional red and white petunias along the front to give some color for when the azaleas and the lilac are not in bloom]   As we’ve seen the transformation of our front yard, I’ve come to learn how important it is to have fresh and maintained curb appeal.  So I’ve compiled three tips for enhancing your curb appeal!

  1. Flowers and Foliage Make a HUGE Difference: The first thing someone sees when visiting your home is your front yard and the front of your home.  You want it to be welcoming and appealing.  That’s why I’m such a huge fan of using flowers to brighten up our curb appeal.  Flowers provide a pop of color and texture and transform your curb appeal to boring to interesting.  Even as summer winds down into fall and winter, I’ll be decorating our front stoop with mums and other plants that can handle the elements of the seasons.
    Fashion side note! I’ve been obsessed with gingham this summer and this super adorabs one from J.Crew Factory is so comfy! [Fun fact: everyone in our neighborhood gets dressed up to water the flowers!]
  2. A Cute Planter is a MUST: Planters are such an easy to enhance your home’s appearance, and picking out the perfect planter to display your flowers is just as important as picking out the flowers you want.  Our front stoop is very small so I knew I needed a statement piece.  I found the perfect oversized, bright royal blue planter from Costco.  The red and white petunias I planted in it just makes our stoop pop! IMG_8131IMG_8135
  3. Front Door Accessories are Great Statement Pieces: I’m a huge fan of decorating our front door!  Your front door is the perfect place to display your personality and style.  I like switching out my front door accessory based on the season.  From May through September I display a bright red anchor on our door that really pops against the black.  I have a bright orange pumpkin for October and November and then of course a wreath for December.  From January through April I use a burlap wreath that my sister-in-law made for us! [Shout out to MoMo if shes reading] Whatever you choose to display on your front door, make sure you have fun with it! 
    This picture was taken right after I planted the flowers. [And they are still alive!]

There you have it!  These are my three true and tried simple tips for beautifying your curb appeal.  I would love to see how you’ve styled your curb appeal so feel free to share your ideas!


Shannon {and Rob}



Welcome to the first room of our home tour – the family room!  The family room is my favorite room so far (the dining room is coming close to being first!) and probably the most decorated room in the house. [Mine is the bar in the basement if anyone is interested].

When we moved into this house, the color of this room was dark brown.  No thank you!! And we only have a set of sliding doors for light, so I knew the dark brown would have to go.  We found a pretty gray/blue paint that totally brightened the room up (I loved the color so much I used it in our master bedroom!).


I already knew that I wanted this room to be shades of gray, blue, and pink.  The L-shaped gray couch is a new addition to our home and was the blank slate I needed to envision the room coming together. The blue pillows and super cute monogram pillows (a wedding gift from Pottery Barn) were the perfect starting point.  Someday I want to exchange the blue pillows for navy, but for now, they work!  I knew I wanted bright pink pillows and I found these adorable ones from Lulu and Georgia. [Fun fact, in our house pillows are meant to be seen, not used, which is very confusing for me.]


Eventually I would like to replace the coffee table with a square white one and also paint the dark brown one white.  The cute white end table with the blue ceramic tiles is from a local pottery boutique, Jan Pugh, and was a wedding gift from Rob’s parents.  To tie everything together we found a gray and white shaggy rug from Wayfair (now Gryff’s favorite place to lounge).


One of my favorite details about this room is the fireplace!  I LOVE the exposed brick with the distressed white on the mantle.  It’s definitely the focal point of the room.  I knew I needed some statement pieces to display.  Luckily, I already had most of the details!  The floral arrangement I made from various faux stems I found at Target a few years ago.  The chevron monogram “S” is from our wedding reception and the lanterns were a gift from Rob’s grandma – perfect blend of rustic, preppy, and coastal!


My two other favorite details about this room are the blanket ladder that Rob’s sister made me for my birthday (I literally cried when I saw it because I loved it so much!) and the bookshelf [I was very confused that she was so excited about a ladder, I mean it’s not even an extension ladder].  The bookshelf we found in Rob’s parents basement and although my initial instinct was to paint it white, I’ve decided to keep it brown since it is so rustic looking (ties in well with the rustic look of the fireplace).   I’ve had SO much fun styling it.  All of the pretty details are gifts from family and friends or items that we picked up in our travels.  Every time I pass by it I smile because it makes me so happy. [I especially like the tastefully nude statute that my beautiful wife modeled for. Just kidding.]


There you have it!  I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of our coastal, rustic, preppy family room!



Shannon [and Rob]





I’ve had several questions about where we find all of our nautical/costal décor. [Usually right after I get home and spot something “new” and know she has been nauti.]  Right now the coastal theme is pretty trendy, so chances are any home décor store you walk into will have some nautical themed pieces.  But if you are like me and find coastal décor not to be a trend, but a classic style, then I’ve got you covered!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite places to shop for unique coastal items.

  1. Antique Stores (For unique and authentic pieces) – You can find some gems in antique stores or at flea markets!  I found the rustic sailboat at a local boutique store near my work.  I had been eyeing it for about a week and decided I had to go in and check it out.  I’m so glad I did because I absolutely fell in love with it and it’s now my favorite décor piece. {No joke.  She carried it around from room to room the first day she brought it home, and it almost took my spot in the bed.}

    My new favorite decor piece!
  2. Pier 1 (For trendy pieces) Every summer Pier 1 comes out the best coastal décor pieces for your home. You can find the cutest coastal themed (think lobsters, crabs, and anchors!) pillows, candles, dining and entertaining pieces, paintings – you name it! And, since it’s the end of season, you can find a lot of items on clearance!
    How  cute is this pillow from Pier 1?!  And it’s on clearance! I’ve linked the pic so you can shop it today. [A lobster wearing shorts? Now I have seen everything]
  3. Hobby Lobby (For rustic pieces) If you want rustic looking nautical items, Hobby Lobby is your place to go! I have to physically and mentally force myself not to go into this store.  I get easily sucked in by all the cute mermaid, sailboats, and paintings!

    This cute watercolor print would look cute in a nursery or bathroom! Plus, you can pick and choose between different aquatic images.
  4. Esty (For one-of-kind pieces) You can find super cute pillows, watercolor prints, maps, and even some vintage pieces that are nautical inspired on Etsy.
  5. Minted (For artsy pieces) If you wanted to do a coastal themed gallery wall, Minted is your online place to shop! It’s super easy to do a quick search for art prints.  I like Minted a lot because it’s kind of like Pinterest in the sense that you can save the prints you like and come back to them later if you aren’t ready to buy yet.
I’m obsessed with this art print from Minted! It reminds me of a simpler life.

I always like to look for pieces while traveling because I find those to be the best and most meaningful.  We have vases from our honeymoon in St. Lucia and our trip to Mexico.  A lot of my artwork is from Scotland (I’m obsessed with a local boutique, called Top Drawer, in St. Andrews that sells the cutest nautical inspired ceramic tiles).  Whenever we go somewhere coastal on vacation I always print off a few of our favorite pictures and frame them – this is a super easy and inexpensive way to add some coastal flair to your home.

You guys can see how much I love decorating with coastal items.  However, I like to keep my rooms sophisticated (and less like a museum) by bringing in different design elements.  If I have a really cool piece (like my ship!) then I’m going to balance it with maybe a geometric vase, a rustic clock (like in the above pic), or a cool coffee table book.

So there you have it!  These are just a few of the many places you can shop for coastal décor.  Hopefully you are feeling inspired to add a little nautical flair to your home and know where to start looking for fun pieces.  Happy shopping!


Shannon {and Rob}



Hi there! Welcome to my small corner of the world where I share and express my love for all things home and fashion.  My super cute hubby [who occasionally adds his two cents in brackets] and I recently bought our first house and are slowly turning it into a home that reflects our personalities and styles.   To say I’ve become home decor obsessed is an understatement.  I go to bed dreaming of what room I want to style next and what piece of furniture I’m going to buy next. [Sigh, and here I thought it was me.]

Hi! I’m Shannon! Wifey and doodle mama | Creative Marketer for a local non-profit | Obsessed with all things nautical | Fashionista| Making our house a home

That’s where A Dash of Solt comes in!  I’m pretty sure hubby gets tired of me obsessing over every little decor detail in our house [very true] so I thought having a space where I can express my ideas and inspirations would be a smart idea [besides the entire house of course].

A Dash of Solt will share everything from our  home projects, to decorating on a budget, to organizational ideas, to what I thought of the latest Fixer Upper episode, and everything else in between.  I’ll also be sharing some fun fashion posts (I have a huge love affair with fashion and studied fashion marketing in college and after – more to come on that later!) and even some culinary posts by hubby (he’s my personal chef) [and bartender]!  If you are lucky you’ll even get a surprise visit from our super cute fur baby, Gryffindor (yes we are Harry Potter fanatics).

Quick peek into our living room.  Post about this room coming soon!

So, grab yourself a glass of wine or cup of coffee [or bourbon] and follow along as A Dash of Solt provides some creative inspiration into your life.



“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”         – Nate Berkus

p.s. Be sure to follow along as I share daily inspiration on my Instagram!