It’s no secret that I’m a water girl (sea girl to be exact) [read mermaid wannabe].  There is just something so calming and peaceful about it.  Seeing as we live in Ohio, I feel very fortunate that we live so close to the Maumee River and Lake Erie.  Rob and I had the opportunity to take several day trips to the lake this summer.  When we don’t have the time to jaunt off to the lake though, we go down to the river which is just a short mile from our house.


Our walk last weekend was super cold! I’m glad I dressed in layers and had on my Hunter Boots.  Once October hits I pretty much live in my Hunter Boots.  These have actually become my snow boots in addition to my rain boots because they are so good at keeping water out!  If you don’t own a pair of these yet, I highly encourage you to invest in a pair! [Or just don’t go outside].


It’s always a few degrees colder down by the water so I make sure to wear layers!  This comfy chunky knit sweater is super warm and reminds me of Scotland (alas it’s from Gap!).  And let’s just chat about this pom pom hat for a second – anyone else super obsessed with these fun hats this year?! They are so cute and the 100% Icelandic wool material keeps your head warm.   I bought this one from a nautical boutique in Rhode Island called the Pink Pineapple shop, but you can find them almost anywhere. [Funny story, our dog thinks that a live animal resides on Shannon’s head when she wears this hat, which I find hilarious. Shannon, not so much].


I’ve linked everything I’m wearing below! [Not everything, wink wink].


Shannon [and Rob]

Hunter Boots | Chunky Sweater | Gingham Shirt | Grey Jeans | Pom Pom Hat 

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