Our friends refer to our home as the “Solt Spa.”  I’m pretty sure it’s because of our hot tub and private guest suite.  (We have two full bathrooms in this house and the one downstairs just happens to connect to the hallway and our guest room.)

This is going to sound crazy, but this room is actually one of my favorites! [Probably because I have claimed the upstairs bathroom] I love the decor in this bathroom (way better than the master).  The room was already painted this lovely blue so we didn’t have to do any updates and it was pretty clear I was going to use shades of blue for this bathroom .  We brought the striped navy and white shower curtain (from Target) from our old house and it’s pairs perfectly.


The best part of this bathroom is the over sized octopus art piece.  I’m.Obsessed.  My sister and brother-in-law gifted us this for our wedding and it’s seriously one of my favorite pieces in our entire house.  It’s the perfect statement piece. [It also resembles my lovely wife anytime she goes shopping]


It was so easy to find decor for this room.  The sailboat ceramic painting below is from both my mom and my favorite shop in Scotland (Top Drawer).  I have three of these pieces and loooove them.  The navy and white monogrammed hand towels are from Pottery Barn.  They were a wedding gift and anything with monograms is an instant favorite for me. [She is not kidding, I’m pretty sure she has monogrammed Kleenex]


The super cute gold pineapple behind the equally cute soap dispenser was made by good friend, Melissa.  She is insanely talented and made me all my art prints in my office!

I love adding some floral and greenery pieces to bathrooms.  Unfortunately this bathroom doesn’t have any windows so I opted for this fake orchid from Target.  I actually really love Target floral arrangements.  They are good quality and look more real than what you would find at a craft store (Pier 1 and Magnolia also have awesome fake floral pieces).


One of my favorite artists is Claude Monet.  I found the print below in an old book and had to frame it in the bathroom.  I found a rustic white frame that really makes the colors pop.  The image goes so well with the coastal theme happening in this bathroom (and everywhere else in the house).


And that’s all!  I hope you enjoyed the quick tour our downstairs bathroom.


Shannon {and Rob}


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