Hi there! Welcome to my small corner of the world where I share and express my love for all things home and fashion.  My super cute hubby [who occasionally adds his two cents in brackets] and I recently bought our first house and are slowly turning it into a home that reflects our personalities and styles.   To say I’ve become home decor obsessed is an understatement.  I go to bed dreaming of what room I want to style next and what piece of furniture I’m going to buy next. [Sigh, and here I thought it was me.]

Hi! I’m Shannon! Wifey and doodle mama | Creative Marketer for a local non-profit | Obsessed with all things nautical | Fashionista| Making our house a home

That’s where A Dash of Solt comes in!  I’m pretty sure hubby gets tired of me obsessing over every little decor detail in our house [very true] so I thought having a space where I can express my ideas and inspirations would be a smart idea [besides the entire house of course].

A Dash of Solt will share everything from our  home projects, to decorating on a budget, to organizational ideas, to what I thought of the latest Fixer Upper episode, and everything else in between.  I’ll also be sharing some fun fashion posts (I have a huge love affair with fashion and studied fashion marketing in college and after – more to come on that later!) and even some culinary posts by hubby (he’s my personal chef) [and bartender]!  If you are lucky you’ll even get a surprise visit from our super cute fur baby, Gryffindor (yes we are Harry Potter fanatics).

Quick peek into our living room.  Post about this room coming soon!

So, grab yourself a glass of wine or cup of coffee [or bourbon] and follow along as A Dash of Solt provides some creative inspiration into your life.



“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”         – Nate Berkus

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