I’ve been wanting to write a post for the past couple of months that talks about maternity clothing.  I’ve always loved fashion and over the past nine months I’ve enjoyed exploring different maternity styles.  Pregnancy can get really uncomfortable at times and investing in a wardrobe that is comfortable and stylish is so essential to feeling your best while your body goes through new changes.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I was at a loss of what “maternity” pieces I would need and how much I would need.  I probably went a little bit overboard with my purchases early on, but having pieces that are flattering and comfortable have made all the difference these last few weeks.   To help out some other new mamas-to-be out there, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces and what I think every new mama needs in her maternity wardrobe.

  1. Leggings – Hands down the BEST purchase I made while pregnant. Maternity leggings were one of the first items I purchased and I’ve definitely worn them into the ground.  I invested in a thicker black pair as well as a thinner, cropped pair in navy.  Both have been essential in helping me feel comfortable, but also stylish when paired with a tunic or oversized sweater.
  2. Fitted Tees – Fitted tees were a later investment that I wish I would have purchased earlier. I purchased two short sleeve ones from Target, two short sleeve from Gap Maternity and one long sleeve one from Gap Maternity.  I would definitely invest in several of these – they are comfortable and make you feel like a million bucks, especially during that sweet time of your pregnancy when your bump is super cute (weeks 20-36).
  3. Tunics – Even without being pregnant I love a good tunic paired over leggings with boots or flats. Early in the pregnancy I was able to get away with wearing a ton of non-maternity tunics.  Once I hit the 3rd trimester though, the non-maternity ones just looked unflattering and so I invested in four maternity tunics and I’m so happy I did! They are so flattering for your bump and are a dream to wear.  Throw on a scarf or tassel necklace and you will look like one stylish mama!
  4. Fitted Dresses – This is a piece I didn’t invest in until late in my 2nd I bought my first fitted dress for my baby shower and from that point on I was obsessed.  Fitted dresses hug you in all the right places and flatter your bump.  I ended up purchasing a fun short sleeve one and a classic navy one.  I regret not investing in several more, particularly some striped ones.  Pink Blush has the cutest prints so I highly recommend purchasing a few!
  5. Maxi Dresses – Having been pregnant throughout all the warm months, maxi dresses have been essential to my wardrobe. They are SO easy and so flattering.  I invested in two maternity ones and had an old empire waist one from J.Crew and I probably wore all three on a weekly basis.   Plus, it’s easy to size up one or two sizes for maxi dresses if you want to shop some trendy ones from Forever 21, H&M, or even LOFT.
  6. Maternity Hoodie – My mom gifted me this gray maternity hoodie from Old Navy for my birthday in September and I’ve literally been living in it every chance I get. It’s insanely comfortable and looks so cute when paired with a fitted tee, leggings, baseball hat, and keds.  It’s definitely my weekend go-to.
  7. Maternity Nightgown – I’m a huge fan of nightgowns and always have been. I highly recommend investing in several maternity nightgowns (some can even be used for nursing post baby).  Eventually t-shirts will just not fit your bump right, so a maternity nightgown is where it’s at for a comfortable night’s sleep.


One non-maternity piece that has been essential to my pregnancy has been the swing dress from Old Navy.  This dress style is amazingly comfortable and has so much room as your belly grows.  I’ve worn the same four swing dresses throughout my entire pregnancy and I’ll still be able to wear them next summer.


One piece I did not include above are maternity jeans.  I did invest in a pair from Gap Maternity, but truth be told they have not been my favorite piece.   Many other mamas I’ve talked to swear by maternity jeans, so I think those are personal preference and it depends on where you buy them.

My favorite places to shop for maternity clothing has been Gap Maternity, Old Navy, and Target for basics, and Shop Pink Blush for fun dresses and tops.  I’ve also heard from other mama-to-be’s that H&M has great, inexpensive pieces.


Hopefully this post helps some other new mamas out when it comes to deciding what and how much to buy for your pregnancy! I’ve linked a few pieces I bought above in my recommendations and below!

We can’t wait to introduce you all to our sweet baby girl in a few weeks!



Fitted Tees: Gap Maternity (multiple colors) | Target (multiple colors)
Tunics: Target – 1, 2, 3, 4 (similar)
Fitted Dress: Shop Pink Blush | Old Navy
Maxi Dresses: Shop Pink Blush – Navy, Floral
Maternity Nightgown: Shop Pink Blush





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