This past weekend we threw a gender reveal party for our parents and siblings and announced that we are having a baby girl! We are so excited to welcome sweet Lilly Marie to our little family in October!


We can already tell she is going to have a strong willed personality! When we went for our 20-week ultrasound and anatomy scan, the feisty little thing had her legs crossed and her foot covering her genitals so the technicians could not 100% confirm she was a girl. [I have never been so proud of my unborn child.]  We were sent to an ultrasound boutique that has higher end technology.  After much movement on my end, this classy babe finally uncrossed her legs enough for the technician to confirm that she was indeed a female!


It’s been so much fun the past few days picking out cute outfits, adding girly items to the registry, and planning our party!  I didn’t sleep for probably four nights in a row because of excitement.  I wanted a nautical theme for the gender reveal (who’s surprised?!), which wasn’t that hard considering I already have tons of nautical décor around the house.  My favorite piece though was this super cute boy or girl sign I found on Etsy.


I made a Target run the day before the party and picked up the striped napkins, plates, and straws in pink and blue.  Rob and I made cupcakes the morning of the party and filled them with pink icing.  I had my heart set on whale toppers for the cupcakes, but after trying four different stores I sadly gave up on that idea.   The nautical water dispenser and monogrammed ice bucket were both wedding gifts and worked out perfectly for the party!


Rob and I wanted to find out the baby’s gender and then surprise our families.  We bought a bunch of pink and blue balloons for decoration (and to throw them off if they were trying to guess), along with a giant black balloon filled with pink confetti.  It was so fun when we finally popped the balloon – keeping the gender a secret was the hardest secret to keep!

Now that the gender reveal is done, it’s time to start on the nursery!  I’ve been putting together an inspiration board that I will be sharing with you all soon!


Shannon and [Rob]





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